2016 Winter

Another successful season in NSW and Victoria. The weather was wetter and warmer than the previous year. We found more growers starting to find truffle. We’re always pleased when a growers first truffles are found after years of work.

New Dog Caph

Welcome to our new truffle hunter in training, Caph. Named after a star, Caph is a Belgian Shepherd, a Malinois. She is two years old and super smart. She’ll be ready to hunt in time for the winter and we are looking forward to her finding lots of truffle.

Summer Melanosporum!!!

Strange but true. Had a call from a grower who had an oak with truffles under it in January. We went with Sirius and Peri to have a look and found what looked like very immature truffle with faint odour. The grower sent the truffle away for testing and the result came back - Melanosporum! One very confused tree. Let’s hope that the other trees produce in the winter.

2016 Truffle Season

Though it’s still the middle of summer and very hot, start planning your winter truffle hunts. If you are a grower and don’t have your own dog, or if you want to check that your dog is finding truffle, contact us now to arrange hunts for the coming season.