Truffle Conference

Queanbeyan, NSW was the venue for the 2015 ATGA Conference. It was a very interesting, well attended event and we met old friends, growers, buyers of truffle, scientists, dog handlers and others associated with the industry. We spent a great day with respected, expert dog trainer and handler, Steve Austin and learned new skills and training methods. We highly recommend truffle growers to join the Association and benefit from all the expertise and knowledge found in its membership.

Cold Weather

Cold weather, with plenty of frosts and even snow. Good finds in NSW in the last few weeks. Hard-working Sirius and Perigord sniffed out plenty of truffle. Happy truffle producers with finds of between three and six kilograms of quality truffle. Some quantity of over-ripe truffle, mainly on the surface. But digging produced good quality truffle further down.

One tree produced eight beautiful truffles totalling around 750 grams. Other trees have unripe truffle waiting for harvest. Most trees producing truffle are Ilex, aged between six and fifteen years. Next hunt at the beginning of August. Contact us now for a search.